The 10 Best After Dinner Drinks

When you have people over for a nice dinner, you almost always serve wine with the dinner. 

But now that dinner is over and you want to sit down and chat for a while, what do you do?

I like to serve a nice after dinner drink and some finger food to go with it.  You would be surprised on how people who profess that they are full from dinner, can’t resist smoked almonds, peanuts or a nice dip to go with their drinks.

So what drinks are you going to serve?  Are you gong to make only one kind and offer that to all or are you going to set up a proper bar with enough different choices that your guests can pick and choose.  This will all depend on your space and the money you wish to spend setting it up.

You will want to get the basics of liquors.  Whiskey, bourbon, scotch, etc.  Don’t skim on price, but you don’t have to get the most expensive liquors available either.  Just some good medium priced ones will do.  Don’t hesitate  to ask the store clerk for ideas.

Let him know you are setting up a bar and he will be more than happy to make sure you get the right products.  Also, read the articles on this blog before you make that trip to make sure he doesn’t sell you something you simply don’t need or want.  After all, he wants to sell you stuff.  Most clerks are honest and will get you want you need to set up a bar, but some tend to get carried away.

Also, you may want to ask your friends about which is their favorite drink so you have it on hand.  No point in setting up a full scale bar only to find out your friends are beer drinkers only.  Not much fun, but you are catering to your guests.  Good luck and be sure to read the rest of the articles for more information and recipes.

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